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The Notebook September 25, 2013


Out of the Gate with ... Christine Garrity

Christine Garrity is chief administrative officer and general counsel for The PGA of America, where she leads the association’s legal, governance, government relations, special events, and diversity and inclusion operations. Garrity is recognized as a resource in the sports and entertainment legal areas and serves as a lecturer at Bar Association seminars in the intellectual property field. In addition to business executive duties, Garrity also is an owner of two Thoroughbred racehorses and is an avid breeder and owner of Standardbred racehorses. She has bred, raised and campaigned multiple Standardbred Florida Horse of the Year honorees, two Florida Hall of Fame stallions and received breeder of the year recognition in multiple years.

Name: Christine Garrity

What I do for a living: Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel, PGA of America

How and when I was introduced to Thoroughbred racing: I’ve been a fan since I was a small child

My favorite racetrack: Gulfstream Park

My favorite Thoroughbred racing event: Kentucky Derby

Other sports/teams I follow: Harness racing (breeder and owner), golf, pro and college football, basketball, baseball, all Olympic sports

What I would like to see more of in Thoroughbred racing: More stories about the horses other than just handicap analysis. To bring more new fans to the sport, we need to make new folks aware of some great stories about the horses to feel an emotional connection. 

What I would like to see less of in Thoroughbred racing: Career-ending injuries for the horses and jockeys        

Three words that define what Thoroughbred racing means to me: Excitement, hope, fun

First Thoroughbred track I ever attended was: Belmont Park

Favorite all-time Thoroughbred: Secretariat

My personal best moment in the sport of Thoroughbred racing: Watching Secretariat win the Belmont in 1973 … if I’m having a bad day, I pull up the video of that race and I’m still awestruck at that amazing performance. I don’t think that I’ve seen an athletic performance in any sport that had a greater impact in the history of sports than that performance.

Best racetrack food can be found at: Gulfstream Park

My favorite jockey: I like a number of them. There are many skilled and great riders from past and present.

My favorite trainer: Billy White is my trainer and I think the world of him.

My heroes: Every member of the U.S. Armed Forces that put their lives on the line for our freedom.

Person in Thoroughbred racing I’d like to have dinner with: Frank Stronach

My philosophy on life: Be a problem solver, not a problem maker.

Favorite quote or motto: “The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” - Albert Einstein

Favorite animal other than a horse: Dogs

Favorite non-Thoroughbred racing sports event I have attended: The Ryder Cup

Favorite food: Anything Southern Italian

Favorite vacation spot: The Amalfi Coast in Italy

Favorite city: Rome, Italy

Favorite musician/band: Andrea Bocelli

Favorite all-time movie(s): The Godfather I and II and Seabiscuit

Favorite TV show: "The Sopranos"

Favorite hotel: The Ritz-Carlton in Barcelona, Spain

Websites I visit daily: Wall Street Journal, The Paulick Report

What I drive: Mercedes Benz 350 ML and BMW Z4

Pet peeve: Too much insane violence in the world

Favorite movie about horse racing: Seabiscuit

Which actor would play me in a movie: Demi Moore

Alma Mater: Fairfield University and University of Bridgeport School of Law

Favorite radio shows/channels: The Howard Stern Show

Best book I recently read: All books written by James Patterson

Favorite memento: Custom-made Champagne service set from Murano, Italy

Favorite dessert: Double chocolate cake

Favorite drink: Bold red wine of an exceptional quality

Favorite scent: Lancome Tresor

What I like about my job: Doing exciting things at a very high level every single day

Favorite tech gadget: iPhone 5

Twitter handle: N/A

People I follow on Twitter: I’m more of a “LinkedIn” person

No. 1 Bucket-List item: Visit the Egyptian pyramids when the violence there subsides

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