Jockey World Terms

  • Quarter

    Frankie explains that the quarter can refer to different segments of a race with the final quarter often being the most exciting part of the race. He also explains that a quarter is also a part of a horse's hoof and refers viewers back to an older video to learn more about that part of the term.

  • Quarter Crack

    Frankie explains what a quarter crack is and some different treatments that trainers may use in order to treat the crack. - See more at:

  • Quarter Horse

    Frankie Lovato Jr. explains the word quarter horse and talks about the breed of quarter horse and what they are used for. Frankie also gives a little history on quarter horse racing as well.

  • Quarter Pole

    Frankie Lovato Jr. explains the term quarter pole. Frankie discusses at what distances the poles are placed on the track. He also explains the length of a furlong and how frequent each distance is marked on a race track.

  • Quiet Hands

    Frankie Lovato Jr. explains the term quiet hands. Frankie discusses the term in reference to how jockeys or exercise riders train and control horses. Lovato also explains the benefits of riders using this technique and how horses typically respond.

  • Rabbit

    Frankie Lovato Jr. explains the term rabbit. Lovato discusses what the term means in reference to more than one horse entered into a race by the same stable.

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Jockey World Terms

Jockey World is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization in horse racing created by former award-winning jockey Frankie Lovato, Jr. Frankie is the creator of the Equicizer, along with Jockey Camp and Jockey World Radio which fall under Jockey World Inc., and he is co-founder with his wife Sandy of their Stampede of Dreams Therapeutic Riding Program. Jockey World is dedicated to providing reliable information, tools, guidance and resources, that include knowledge in health & safety, to anyone who wishes to pursue a career or develop a better understanding of the horse racing industry. Jockey World is not a gambling related organization.

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More About the 365 Day Series!

Frankie Lovato Jr. vowed to create 365 racing terminology videos for every day of the year for 2013 - an effort to better educate racing fans and bring awareness to Jockey World. Please watch and share with friends to support Frankie in his mission!

"There are also many misconceptions in horse racing and many potential fans could enjoy the sport better. I love to explain the things that will help open up people's minds and answer many wonders in the world of horse racing that will offer a greater appreciation and understanding of the industry. This will help bring more fans and enjoyment to the sport of horse racing," Lovato said.

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