Jockey World Terms

  • Maiden

    Frankie Lovato Jr. explains what the term maiden means in horse racing. He also describes what it means for a horse to break its maiden and how to term relates to owners, jockeys, and trainers.

  • Make a Run

    Frankie Lovato Jr. explains what trainers mean when they use the term make a run. He describes the role of jockeys when making a run and the instructions trainers will give to the jockey about when to make a run.

  • Making Weight

    Frankie Lovato Jr. explains the term making weight. He describes how weight is assigned to each horse and practices used to help jockeys make weight. Lovato also explains how the term is used between jockeys and trainers in regards to jockey work out goals or nutrition plans.

  • Main Track

    Retired jockey Frankie Lovato Jr. explains the different types of tracks at a race course and what materials the footing consists of. He also shows and describes what the different symbols on a race program mean in reference to the specific track.

  • Mare

    Frankie Lovato Jr. explains the term mare. He explains what gender the term describes and at what age a horse becomes a mare. Lovato goes on to explain the long term career of a mare.

  • Martingale

    Frankie Lovato Jr. explains the term martingale. Lovato describes what the piece of equipment and how it is used in horse racing. Different parts of the equipment are described as well as the horse's actions in response to the equipment in place.

  • Medication List

    Frankie Lovato Jr. explains the term medication list. He explains the use of a medication list and why it was implemented by the Association of Racing Commissioners International. Lovato also explains medications that are most frequently seen on the medication list and who regulates them at the track.

  • Middle Distance

    Frankie Lovato Jr. explains the term middle distance. He discusses what lengths qualify as a middle distance race and other terms that describe races of middle distance. Lovato also discusses what popular races are considered to be middle distance.

  • Middle Move

    Frankie Lovato Jr. explains the term middle move. He discusses at what point of the race the horse and jockey attempt to make a move in reference to this term. Lovato also discusses the typical results of making a middle move.

  • Morning Glory

    Frankie Lovato Jr. explains the term morning glory. He explains why horses train in the morning and how the morning environment affects how horses perform on race day. Additionally, Lovato gives insight to traits that make up a successful race horse.

  • Morning Line

    Frankie Lovato Jr. explains how morning line refers to betting in horse racing and what it means to be the morning line favorite and post time favorite. Frankie also explains the role of a morning line odds maker at a race track.

  • Muddy Track

    Frankie Lovato Jr. explains how muddy track is an official label given to a dirt racing course and how the label is listed in the race chart for different purposes. Frankie shows other track condition labels and abbreviations and discusses track maintenance for several different conditions.

  • Mudder

    Frankie Lovato Jr. explains why a horse is called a mudder. He also explains why some horses do better on muddy tracks than others.

  • Muzzle

    Frankie explains the different meanings for muzzles in the horse world and why a horse may wear a muzzle while grazing or before races.

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Jockey World Terms

Jockey World is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization in horse racing created by former award-winning jockey Frankie Lovato, Jr. Frankie is the creator of the Equicizer, along with Jockey Camp and Jockey World Radio which fall under Jockey World Inc., and he is co-founder with his wife Sandy of their Stampede of Dreams Therapeutic Riding Program. Jockey World is dedicated to providing reliable information, tools, guidance and resources, that include knowledge in health & safety, to anyone who wishes to pursue a career or develop a better understanding of the horse racing industry. Jockey World is not a gambling related organization.

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Frankie Lovato Jr. vowed to create 365 racing terminology videos for every day of the year for 2013 - an effort to better educate racing fans and bring awareness to Jockey World. Please watch and share with friends to support Frankie in his mission!

"There are also many misconceptions in horse racing and many potential fans could enjoy the sport better. I love to explain the things that will help open up people's minds and answer many wonders in the world of horse racing that will offer a greater appreciation and understanding of the industry. This will help bring more fans and enjoyment to the sport of horse racing," Lovato said.

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