Jockey World Terms

  • Gait

    Frankie explains what gaits are and how you know what each gait is. He uses his granddaughter's pony Popcorn to show what to look for to tell which gait is which.

  • Gallop

    Frankie explains what galloping is as referred to as a gait of the horse. Frankie also describes the differences in how the term is used in different countries.

  • Gallop Out

    Frankie explains what a gallop out is in a race or workout. Frankie explains how trainers and fans alike use this term to evaluate horses.

  • Gate

    Former jockey Frankie Lovato explains what a gate is in horse racing, as well as how the starting gate came into use for horse racing. Lovato also touches on what methods were used before the implementation of the starting gate.

  • Gate Card

    Frankie explains what a gate card is with the help of expert Bob Duncan. Duncan also explains how a horse completes gate training to obtain a gate card in order to race.

  • Gate Crew

    Frankie Lovato Jr. reviews the term assistant starter for today's term as it is the another word for today's term, gate crew.

  • Gate Schooling

    Frankie Lovato Jr. explains what the term gate schooling means and why horses may go to the gate for more than just a race.

  • Gelding

    Frankie Lovato Jr. explains what a gelding is, a castrated horse. Frankie also explains the reasons why an owner may choose to geld a colt or stallion.

  • Getting In

    Frankie Lovato Jr. explains what a gelding is, a castrated horse. Frankie also explains the reasons why an owner may choose to geld a colt or stallion.

  • Girth

    Frankie Lovato Jr. explains how a girth is used as part of the equipment for a horse, as well as a measurement of the horses midsection.

  • Going

    Frankie Lovato Jr. explains how jockeys use the term going to refer to how a horse or group of horses are running in a race.

  • Good Bottom

    Frankie explains that there is more than one meaning for "bottom" around the track. He explains all three and what part of racing they refer to.

  • Good Doer

    Frankie Lovato Jr. explains that a good doer is a horse that loves to eat. He also explains what a bad doer is and how a trainer tries to work with those horses to get them to keep a healthy weight.

  • Good Track

    Frankie Lovato Jr. explains the various types of track conditions that a particular track can be assigned. Frankie also explains how tracks of various conditions are maintained. - See more at:

  • Grab a Quarter

    Frankie Lovato Jr. explains what it means for a horse to grab a quarter. Frankie also explains how this happens and why it is common for a horse leaving a gate to grab a quarter.

  • Graded or Group Race

    Frankie Lovato Jr. explains what it means for a race to be graded. Frankie also explains the three types of graded races, and the qualifications needed for a race to be graded.

  • Green

    Frankie Lovato Jr. explains what it means for a horse to be called "green" and some of the things that can startle an inexperienced horse.

  • Groom

    Frankie Lovato Jr. explains the responsibilities that a groom has at the racetrack, as well as touches on the special bond that grooms share with their horses.

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Jockey World Terms

Jockey World is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization in horse racing created by former award-winning jockey Frankie Lovato, Jr. Frankie is the creator of the Equicizer, along with Jockey Camp and Jockey World Radio which fall under Jockey World Inc., and he is co-founder with his wife Sandy of their Stampede of Dreams Therapeutic Riding Program. Jockey World is dedicated to providing reliable information, tools, guidance and resources, that include knowledge in health & safety, to anyone who wishes to pursue a career or develop a better understanding of the horse racing industry. Jockey World is not a gambling related organization.

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More About the 365 Day Series!

Frankie Lovato Jr. vowed to create 365 racing terminology videos for every day of the year for 2013 - an effort to better educate racing fans and bring awareness to Jockey World. Please watch and share with friends to support Frankie in his mission!

"There are also many misconceptions in horse racing and many potential fans could enjoy the sport better. I love to explain the things that will help open up people's minds and answer many wonders in the world of horse racing that will offer a greater appreciation and understanding of the industry. This will help bring more fans and enjoyment to the sport of horse racing," Lovato said.

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